The main nutrition for the child must be sensitive. Newborn baby rice oats are mixed with iron, baby recipe or bosom milk, which many nutritionists suggest is the first nutrient for the baby. This is because rice is much less likely than other grain commodities to bring about any hypersensitive reactions.

What should children start eating?

When the baby is between 4 and a half years old, you can take care of grains and rice mixed with equine or bosom milk. When the baby is 7 months old, you can take care of small pieces of vegetables. Within 8 months, small pieces of a natural product are eligible. In 10 months, you can start looking for egg yolk and small pieces of meat. When your child is 10 months old or older at this time, you can start taking care of dairy products, for example, yogurt or cheddar.


Make sure you establish nutrition carefully. Infertility is more prevalent in infants than in infants or experienced young adults. Be sure to wash your hands before feeding the baby and any raw nourishment should be carefully cooked. Ensure that the baby’s nutrition is not ignored at room temperature for two hours or read all at once, in any case, microbes develop rapidly. Give your child the chance to not feed, and cool down nutrition.

Activities that create shelter, luxury, and solid nutrition

Before you get busy, wash your hands well and make sure the gear you use is correct.

Flush any organic products and clean the vegetables you have before you use them. Remove all pits or seeds from a natural product. For meat, empty the skin, fat, cartilage and bones. Make sure that nutrition is crisp and not scraped.

When preparing nutrition, make it a point to prepare nutrition in water. Next, if you use the requested liquids, you can use cooked water. Nutrition can be heated or steamed similarly.

Suggest not to add spices, sugar, salt, honey or any sugar. Sweet preference for nutrition does nothing for the baby. The odds are that your child will love the nutrition of what it is. Children under the age of one year may become ill with the use of corn syrup or honey because they may have botulism spores. It cannot be crushed by the implantation of the infant’s stomach.

Crush the nutmeg until it is semi-strong or soft enough to allow the child to get on safely without damaging or damaging the gums.

If you have a lot of nutrition, you can put them in a cooler or fridge in a holder or container. Recently, if you have enough opportunities, you can start childcare. If you have scraps, you can keep them cool for any occasion, and make sure they eat it the next day. If you use a cooler, make sure that the hair nutrition on 3-dimensional ice spots is sufficient.

Nutrition Plan for Children

Meat (s):

What you need: some cube cooked meat and 3 to 4 tbsp water.

Instructions to cook: Crush them and mix them until smooth.

Age to eat 10 months or more.

Banana Grains:

You need a quarter cup of transfer oats and a baby recipe or bosom milk; 33% of total banana and one equalizer or half cup of bosom milk.

Step-by-step instructions for cooking: 1. Join the baby recipe with oats or half a cup of balsam milk. Bubble it up and cook for about 5 minutes.

2. When running, combine the banana and quarter cups with the baby recipe or bosom milk.

3. During that time, strengthen the oats and bananas.

Age required to eat: 8 months or more.


You need canned vegetables or fresh vegetables.

Step-by-step instructions for cooking: 1. When you are using a new vegetable, make a point to thoroughly clean them.

2. To cook them, use a small amount of water and cook over low heat. Once cooked, crushed and let cool.

These are some of the vegetables that your child can eat solid and flavorful:

Peas and carrots

Peas and green beans

Pure potatoes and green beans

Squash and Sweet Potatoes

Pure potatoes and carrots

Eating Age Condition: Season 7 months or more.

Yogurt and Organic Products:

You Need A quarter cup of cooked foods grown with ground yogurt.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Cook: Consolidate and Squash them.

Age to eat 10 months or more.

Meat eaters: You want: a quarter cup of cooked vegetables; Infant formula or bosom milk; Rice, potatoes or sophisticated macaroni; And half a cup of cooked meat.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Cook: Crush or Mix them. Make sure there are two manipulations left.

These are some nutrient blends:

Rice, chicken, and carrots

Potatoes, liver and green beans

Potatoes, hamburgers, and peas

Macaroni, hamburger, and squash

Cooking and eating is no problem at all.