What’s in our nutrition?

Unless you are a shopping criminologist and a passionate enthusiasm enthusiast of an important part of the nutrition path, you will never feel better. The truth of the matter depends on our well-being, which most people will never know. Don’t strive for mistakes made by others; Ready Nutrition is an important cause of most diseases.

100 percent to 80 percent of the nutrition you eat is non-additive, not by a wide margin.

Nutrition theory exposes the myth that the true home is the truth, our nutrition is a refuge. Let us see how the real danger lies in not eating some nutrition for ourselves and our families.

For what reason is it so important in our nutrition? This is important and necessary because our well-being depends on it. When you are on the right amount of good food, when you can add, look out for nutrition, stay away from horrible supplements, this is an impossible case. How we take gender as a starter in our nutritional crops; The problem here is close to our yield, along with the various drugs developed with counterfeit fertilizers, pesticides and growth advertisers. Soil consumption has suffered significant losses for some decades and the specific quality of nutrition has been lost during its development process. You must have heard the famous saying: An apple feeds an expert regularly. This is again not true, as our soil products, which contain fake manure and growth hormones, are not regularly developed. In the fifties, a peach a day would give a person “A” all the nutrients they need in a day, and now you have 53 peaches every day to get a uniform measure of the nutrients you need in a day from Aadhaar. Have to eat.

GMO: What’s going on here? This is another problem, G M O (hereditary organism). Three words say everything, isn’t it right? This fixing, found in many nutrient crops and prepared food sources, can damage your liver, kidneys, and bad interiority, which can cause headaches, weight problems, fatigue, etc., and consequently GMOs do not matter.

BPA-bisphenol: Do you know BPA? This is the result of the use of plastics and canned nutrition, the plastic coating used in compartments releases a toxic compound that, among other medical problems, can cause malignant growth, prostate malignancy, diabetes, coronary disease. If water is added to the glass, filtered water is harmful. Let’s take a deeper look at the water for example because so many people drink it every day. When filtered water hits your target, it is regularly placed in a wide area of the vehicle, in fluctuating temperatures (from hot to cold and volatile), toxic to water. We’ve been discharged and we think it’s okay to drink.

Soft drinks and soda: they are poured into sugars and fructose and most of them are placed in plastic bowls; Soft drinks create weight problems and various real medical problems.

Research has found: Managed nutrition is a significant cause of illness. Do you understand what is in prepared nutrition? Any organized and duplicate nutrition is undesirable as a result of all the terrible fixing. Handled meat is as deceptive as one might expect; They have synthetic compounds, additives, and additives to prolong the consumption period.